December 22, 2015

Mr. Edwards Meets Santa Claus

The creek was rising. Everyone knew Santa wouldn't be able to get to Laura and Mary for Christmas. Santa Claus asked Mr. Edwards to deliver gifts to the girls. Mr. Edwards carried his clothes on top of his head through that cold creek and arrived at their home shivering.

In their stockings, Laura and Mary each found a tin cup, a stick of red and white peppermint candy, and a heart-shaped cake.

"But Ma asked if they were sure the stockings were empty. They put their arms down inside them, to make sure. And in the very toe of each stocking was a shining bright, new penny!" 
Laura and Mary are thrilled to receive simple treasures for Christmas.

"There never had been such a Christmas."
The girls' excitement over the simple gifts found in Little House on the Prairie may be hard to comprehend in this day, but they were thankful for their simple Christmas treasures.

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~ Annette Whipple
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